Why Play Therapy?

Children communicate best through play, it has long been considered the language of children.  Play therapy is a non-confrontational method used by therapists to assist children and adolescents work through any emotional difficulties and trauma.  It is also an extremely successful and proven way to help children make sense of their emotions and any changes in their lives.

Key benefits:

  1. Supports the development of a child’s emotional intelligence.
  2. Enables a child to express their emotions in healthy ways.
  3. Helps children develop new and creative solutions to problems.
  4. Helps children develop respect and acceptance of self and others.

Play therapy uses counselling through play with various elements:

  • Toys
  • Dolls
  • Puppets
  • Sand tray work
  • Music
  • Drawings
  • Stories.

What can you as a parent do:

First of all for play therapy to have a positive impact on the child, parents need to be 100% on board. It is also important that you talk to your child’s therapist about any concerns or questions related to treatment. Furthermore, your understanding and support for treatment contributes to your child’s overall progress in achieving goals.