Family Counselling

Families are an important source of support, encouragement and love. At times, relationships within the family can be put under strain, which can make certain members feel isolated or overlooked. Counselling helps families to understand interactions, tensions, and struggles between its members (such as parents, children, siblings).

Free as a Bird believes in the strength of a family as a whole.  Our counselling, or discussions as we like to call the sessions, allow every member a voice. Together each person is able to learn to communicate more effectively with one another.

There are various ground rules when entering counselling and the sessions are not simply “blame sessions”. They are a way to effectively get issues on the table and compromise. Each and every family has their own difficulties and with Free as a Bird’s help, quality of life can be enhanced.

Counselling sessions are completely confidential and no judgments about who is right or wrong is made.

Below are examples of when discussions can help:

  • Transitions (having a baby, children going to school)
  • Separation or divorce
  • Deaths
  • Disagreements